Suggestion Box, Inc. (OTC: SGTB) Appoints New Chairman and Provides Shareholder Updates


Company Adds Key Leadership and Prepares for Upcoming Merger


Las Vegas, Nevada, Feb. 08, 2022  — McapMediaWire — Suggestion Box (OTC PINK: SGTB) proudly announces it has appointed Mr. David Olund as Chairman of the Board.

Tony D’Antonio, Chief Executive Officer, states, “We are excited to have Dave Olund provide his experience and leadership to our company as we prepare for an upcoming merger with our operating company.  Mr. Olund’s depth of experience with public company leadership and the homeopathic and pharmaceutical industry is the ideal blend for the upcoming growth and direction of the company.” Mr. David Olund, new Chairman says, “I personally believe in this company’s products and Mr. D’Antonio. My goal is to ensure that the company and shareholders are supported toward the mission of having the SinoFresh® product line becoming a nationally and internationally recognized brand.”

Mr. Olund’s career spans more than 40 years and has been focused on the Financial Services industries. As a former Registered Securities Principal, Mr. Olund brings 20 years of success working as a Financial and Business Consultant doing work primarily for Private Clients in the US and abroad. Mr. Olund has been an entrepreneur and his professional skill sets encompasses almost every aspect of corporate formations, operations, development, marketing, financial, operational, and legal. For the past 10 years worked and gained experience in the OTC (Over the Counter) Homeopathic and Pharmaceutical industry.

Mr. D’Antonio adds, “In addition to adding to our team, we are coordinating with our attorneys to finalize the terms and conditions for the upcoming merger of the operating company. Our goal is to finalize a deal structure that benefits our shareholders and brings the incoming operational company into a merger opportunity that is poised for long-term growth. Once again, we want to let our shareholders know that no reverse split is planned for the foreseeable future, and we expect to provide the details of the final transaction and announce a completed merger to our shareholders in the coming weeks.”

About SGTB/ZapVir, Inc.

ZapVir, Inc. is a company that manufactures and sells Over-The-Counter antiseptic consumer health products focused on Nasal/Sinus Care, Throat Care, Skin Care and Personal Environments with a focus on Homeopathic remedies.

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About SinoFresh®

The SinoFresh® homeopathic antiseptics allow the body to get a head-start on fighting off infection. By stimulating the body’s natural defenses, homeopathic antiseptics promote removal of triggers of inflammation and/or infection such as bacteria, viruses, molds, and allergens. SinoFresh® Homeopathic Antiseptic Nasal Spray is non-habit forming, non-drying, and will not cause drowsiness. SinoFresh® is safe for use by children 12 year of age and older, diabetics, pregnant or lactating women, and hypertensive individuals. SinoFresh® KoolBlast Homeopathic Antiseptic Throat Spray is a daily use, antiseptic and soothing blend of ingredients for people with scratchy, irritated, raw, or sore throats. It is also an oral antiseptic blend that helps keep oral germs under control and can be used to freshen breath. It is non-habit forming, non-drying, and will not cause drowsiness. SinoFresh® Foaming Hand & Body Sanitizer is a skin sanitizing product applied as a foam to your hands or skin and rubbed in and allowed to dry. Our special formula of HI IQ water is the key ingredient that utilizes specially formulated water as the active ingredient.

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