Stargaze Entertainment Announces Letter of Intent to Merge with HealthPoint Plus, Inc.



Stargaze Entertainment Group, Inc. has Signed a Letter of Intent to merge with HealthPoint Plus, Inc., a subscription-based Telemedicine company


PLATSBURGH, NEW YORK, Feb. 08, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Stargaze Entertainment Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: STGZ) today announced the signing of a letter of intent to merge with HealthPoint Plus Inc, a disruptive subscription-based Telehealth medical company.

According to Precedence Research, the global telehealth market size is projected to be worth or exceed around USD $224.8 billion by 2030. The COVID-19 pandemic(s) have led to a significant increase in video visits between patients and their doctors and has dramatically increased the demand for and interest in digital health. Right now, most telehealth visits are a live conversation with a doctor, usually your own, either on the phone or on video chat.

HealthPoint Plus is a service provider where patients use video conferencing tools to connect with HealthPoint’s U.S. network of existing doctors and care providers. Today, some 90+ million Americans access primary care with subscription-based medicine. Telehealth by HealthPoint Plus empowers anyone to video chat with world-class doctors 24x7x365 in all 50 states in the U.S. to instantly get help from the convenience of their home or office for less than 50 cents a day.

HealthPoint Plus Chairman and CEO, Bob Goddard, is personally responsible for founding and growing more than one successful company. Bob is a seasoned CEO & CFO and an entrepreneurial “hands on” executive who has demonstrated successful leadership in these roles for companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to large mature corporations. Prior to HealthPoint Plus, Bob had was recruited as CEO for numerous organizations, including as CEO for a $500mil valued public company and North America’s largest distributor of educational media.

In addition to Mr. Goddard, HealthPoint Plus has a team of highly experienced executives in the health and medical arena and telemedicine technology. They anticipate continuing to disrupt the Telehealth market through their subscription-based business model and release of their significantly updated Ver. 3.0 of their provider and subscriber platform expected March 1st.  Subscription-based medicine, in contrast to pay-per visit, disrupts conventional healthcare because it seriously simplifies how Americans and American businesses pay for supplemental healthcare–essentially by taking the insurance companies out of the equation. The idea of a subscription to a doctor’s office is not especially novel, in the past it was offered as a “concierge” service targeted to the wealthy and sometimes offered as a job perk, now with HealthPoint Plus, digital health visits can be very affordable and available to everyone at the convenience of their home, or even while on holiday.

Goddard stated, “With the current healthcare model, like your auto-insurance premium which increases with each accident, each pay-per-visit to a doctor, urgent care, ER, or insurance-bundled telehealth service contributes to higher premiums; not to mention the ever-increasing out-of-pocket expenses. The economics are clear: 3-6 digital visits in the same time it takes to do one in-person visit.  There is an overwhelming demand for digital health services, patients are now beginning to experience virtual healthcare and are becoming digitally comfortable, as they actually start to take control of their own healthcare”

Tony Green, Chairman and CEO of Stargaze said, “We have been looking for the right partner to take STGZ to new levels of shareholder value. After a year of searching, we believe HealthPoint Plus is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for STGZ shareholders, and we couldn’t be happier with the innovation and integrity of their team.”

Green continued, “The possibility of STGZ to be part of changing the healthcare landscape is too good an opportunity to pass up. With Bob and team leading the way, we believe STGZ will become a leader in the Telemedicine space.

Prior to signing the letter of intent, the companies held numerous meetings to assess alignment of value to both sets of shareholders. The letter of intent includes obligations and conditions to the closing that are typical in similar transactions, including satisfactory due diligence and finalization of the definitive agreement under process. The parties expect to consummate the transaction as soon as reasonably practicable. After the definitive agreement is complete, it is HealthPoint Plus’s intent to refocus the company on the health-related sector through an official corporate name and ticker change through FINRA, as well as taking the necessary steps to become a fully reporting SEC filer and quickly uplist the company.

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