Meta Pauses New Users Joining CrowdTangle Citing Staffing Constraints

Leading social network platform running various social media platforms Meta Platforms Inc. (FB) has paused new users from joining its social media cracking tool CroudTangle citing staffing constraints in the company which rebranded recently from Facebook to Meta.

Back in last year, Meta Platforms disbanded the CrowdTangle labour force, since then, the company has been facing immense pressure to provide a greater transparency into its platforms. The founder and chief executive officer of CrowdTangle, Brandon Silverman resigned from the company last year.

CrowdTange is often used by individuals and organizations to follow analyze and report on public content available on Reddit, Instagram and Facebook.

Meta’s spokesperson says CrowdTangle was recently moved to a new data and transparency team which is working through staff transitions and considerations.

We are pausing the ability for people to join CrowdTangle while we work through some staffing constraints. New users can still get added to existing company’s accounts on the tracking tool,” added the spokesperson.

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