VAYK Publishes Candid Letter To Shareholders On ROI Potential And Risk

Dallas, Texas, Jan. 28, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Vaycaychella, Inc. (OTC Pink: VAYK) today published a letter to shareholders from CEO William “Bill” Justice in response to recent inquiries regarding current and future investment performance. The letter is a candid response addressing both ROI potential and corresponding risk.  The letter is included in its entirety below:

Dear Shareholders –

We have received a number of communications expressing concern about the VAYK share price of late.  The tone of the communications range from concern to anger, and keep-up-the-good-work to accusations of disingenuous motivations behind the prevailing share price performance.

We have admittedly been remiss in our timely response to the communications.  Our slow response is due in part to our being a small team where everyone has multiple responsibilities, and in part due to human nature where we all avoid dealing with uncomfortable subject matters.

The VAYK PPS is down and we have an increase in emails and voicemails.  While we’d rather not see the PPS down, that’s not the uncomfortable part.  We remain optimistic for the future of VAYK and its share price.

Some of the emails and voicemails are relatively cordial.  Unfortunately, many of them are not.  It’s no fun to respond to unfriendly (to say the least in some instances) communications.

To those of you sending us keep-up-the-good-work messages, thank you.  For those voicing concern or worse, we will do our best here to put the current PPS in context and show you that there is still cause for optimism.  We apologize for not responding sooner.

The Overall Market Is Not Friendly Environment At The Moment

First off, we can’t ignore the landscape surrounding VAYK.  It’s not just the VAYK PPS that is down, the markets are down overall – substantially down.

A Framework To Consider The Price Of Any Stock

In general, stock prices reflect a perception of a company’s potential to perform at some point in the future.  That perception is formed either on what appears like a company’s opportunity to 1. continue performing at its current pace or incrementally building upon its current pace, or 2. to introduce a new product or service which may not be in demand today but is expected to serve a future market.

Some refer to the two categories as value stocks and growth stocks.  Value stocks have fundamental financial performance that can be reasonably projected into the future.  Growth stocks often have little or no fundamental financial history, but they otherwise have an innovation anticipated to serve a future market.

A publicly traded utility company has years of historical performance providing service to a market with years of historically based demand trends.

The electric vehicle (EV) market has a growing number of companies with short operating histories, many of which have yet to report any revenue.

Utility company share prices can be tied to revenue and earnings per share.  EV company share prices are based on speculation about what the future EV market looks like.

The EV market today shares similarities to the dotcom market in the 90’s.  Thousands of dotcom companies with little or no revenue were able to raise investment funds to build a future product or service that never found a sustainable market.  More than 99% of the dotcom companies failed.

Start-ups statistically don’t make it.  The innovation process is messy and wrought with failure, but it does in the end produce new production efficiencies, lifestyle improvements and technology advances that serve mankind.

Even better news for investors, fortunes can be made investing in innovations that do not in the end survive.  Many investors profited in the dotcom market on investments in companies that no longer exist.  To be fair, many investors also lost money on investment in companies that no longer exist.  The difference between profiting and not was based on each investors entry and exit decisions.

Optimism For The Return Of The Bull – Technically Speaking

Back to the market index charts above.  The price performance trend for both value and growth stocks, at the moment, is down.

Investors shorting against the market are likely making a profit right now.

The team here at VAYK, being the type of people that work at start-up companies in the face of the statistics facing start-up companies, have an ever-optimistic view of were the market goes next.

On the charts above you will notice that all three indexes have gone below their 200-day moving average.  The VAYK team likes to think the cumulatively low price of all stocks will start to become attractive as an investment entry point driving buying volume that eventually overpowers selling volume.

Now we don’t think this will happen overnight.  We expect it will take weeks or even a few months.  We also believe for a buying trend to grow it will need some additional positive influence beyond share prices just being in a “good-deal” range.

Optimism For The Return Of The Bull – Influencer Speaking

We’re not big believers in the market influence of government policy.  We don’t anticipate the investment community to gain confidence in response to intervention from the Capital or the Fed.  We’re looking for the retail market to find its own confidence.

In 2020, when Covid first made its entry and the fear uncertainty and doubt (FUD) settled upon the market resulting in multiple automated shutdowns of all trading due to a large single day drop in share prices, we didn’t give credit to the stimulus checks for turning the market around.  We otherwise think the market turned around and became surprisingly bullish in response to Robin Hood’s entry as a broker/advocate for retail investors combined with Reddit’s entry as a voice for retail investors combined with Elon Musk’s flurry of bullish tweets on everything from EVs to cryptocurrency.

In addition to share prices entering the good-deal zone, we’re optimistic that the next retail driven Robin Hood – Reddit – Elon Musk impetus is out there somewhere percolating along and will soon emerge to ignite market optimism once again.

The world population is rapidly approaching 8 billion. Only 1.2 billion of that population are living in what is considered to be the developed world.  The opportunity for innovation to deliver goods and services to develop the rest of the world is overwhelming.  How anyone can ever lose sight of such a massive innovation opportunity is a mystery to us.  Then again, we are the type of glass-half-full people that work at start-ups. So, maybe we tend to see such opportunities more clearly.

The Buck Stops Here

Ok, Ok – No, we won’t just chalk the current VAYK PPS up to the prevailing market conditions.  The buck does stop here.  At the end of the day, we’re accountable.

We have big plans for VAYK and we are working hard to deliver on those plans.  We may from time to time be behind on one delivery or another, and we may surprise you from time to time with progress ahead of schedule or with the delivery of an unexpected milestone achievement.

Our slips may upset you and our surprises may delight you. The innovation process is messy and sometimes difficult to predict.  Behind our slips and surprises is a dedicated and passionate team.  We are enthusiastic about what we are building.  We are driven by our belief in VAYK’s potential to create economic opportunity for individuals and small and medium businesses to gain access to the tourism industry and to profit from that access.  We are particularly enthusiastic about the difference we believe VAYK can make within developing economies.  We could not be more proud our work in Cuba.  We are confident our work in Cuba can be duplicated again and again in developing economies all over the world.

Wrapping this up – The market sucks and that’s not helping us, but we believe its going to get better.  VAYK is a start-up with a big vision and a passionate team working hard to make the vision a reality.  We will have some wins and losses along the way.  As a start-up, the odds are against us, but we nevertheless believe we are one of the few that will defeat the odds.  An investment in VAYK is not for everyone.  We are grateful to everyone that has given us a try and will continue to do our best for everyone hanging in there with us.

Bill and the VAYK Team

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