Canada’s Foreign Ministry Confirms it Was Hacked

Canada’s foreign ministry has confirmed that it was hacked last week and that some of its services are still down. This was announced was made by official from the ministry earlier this week further adding that some services are still down at the ministry.

The Ministry first raised alarm over the incidence last week one day before Canada’s signals intelligence agency said network operators of major infrastructure should boost their defense against cyber-attacks allegedly sponsored by Russia’s authorities.

The officials from the foreign ministry however failed to disclose the person or entity responsible for the recent hack. “Critical services are currently functioning. Some access to internet and internet-based services are currently not working,” said the treasury board which has overall responsibility for government operations.

When asked whether Russia was responsible for the attack or involved in any way, both the treasury board and foreign ministry declined to give an answer.

There is no indication that any other government departments have been impacted,” added the treasury board which said no more details on the matter will be released.

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