Dallas, Texas, Jan. 25, 2022  — McapMediaWire –– WaterPure International, Inc. (OTC Pink: WPUR) today republished a 2022 strategic outlook presentation originally released Friday, January 21, 2022. The presentation is included in its entirety below:

The Growing Sustainability Market

Sustainability will be a growth market for the next several decades.  President Biden’s Climate Action initiative continues to make headway toward its 2050 zero emissions goal. The Sustainability Market is expected to expand from $9 billion reported in 2021 to over $41 billion by 2028.

WPUR has a long history in clean water initiatives which remained dormant for almost a decade until last year.  President Biden’s Climate Action initiative brought a growing market into the forefront making it an opportune time to dust off WPUR’s history with clean water technology.

Given the level of attention the sustainable market has garnered, with yet far more growth on the horizon and new investment community interest, it seems an ideal time to not only dust off WPUR’s clean water history but to seek out growth and expansion opportunities.

In addition to expanding WPUR’s water management technologies portfolio, the company has also added an electric energy focus.

Water Management Technologies

WPUR relaunched its clean water initiative last year with a pilot project in Africa building a solar-powered well to service a dairy operation. The pilot project now serves as model for winning additional well development projects.

WPUR is also actively engaged in establishing clean title to its proprietary water technologies by addressing any possible claims that may have resulted due to the company’s dormancy.

Simultaneously, the company is engaged in developing government relationships in Africa toward an end of ultimately integrating water management technology solutions.

As one might infer from the list above of initiatives in Africa, WPUR is concentrating its business development efforts in Africa where the demand is high, and the competition is low. The WPUR business plan is built around profitably proving new innovative solutions in Africa that can be scaled globally.

Electric Management Technologies

A cornerstone component of Climate Action is the replacement of fossil fuel burning combustion engines with electric motors.  The corollary to more electric motors is an increase in clean electric energy production and storage.

Accordingly, WPUR has set out to acquire, develop and implement clean electric energy production and storage solutions.

Part and parcel to the government relationship development efforts in Africa mentioned above in the water section, WPUR is also introducing electric management technology integration opportunities within those same developing relationships.

Within those efforts, WPUR is engaged in the early stages of a project to build a solar energy farm.  One of the project objectives is to build a solar farm that brings industry attention to WPUR’s electric energy technology capabilities in reaction to the farm size making the list of the top 10 largest solar farms in the world. The solar farm project is being coordinated with a major parallel initiative surrounding the construction of a sustainable event and resort facility. The solar farm is also being coordinated with another project to expand Africa’s role in cryptocurrency mining with a center for mining powered by clean energy.

Separately, WPUR is engaged in the development of an opportunity to acquire an off grid, clean electric energy production, storage and charging solution for electric vehicles.  The planned acquisition path is to first establish an option on the technology and engage in a pilot project to prove the technology before finalizing an ultimate acquisition.

Key Asset And Partnership Building

Building resources and value through acquisition and partnership can substantially accelerate growth. WPUR is doing both.

WPUR has already acquired an operating asset in Africa that comes with key relationships, licenses, assets and operations that will be instrumental to advancing the company’s objectives in Africa.  The operating asset, in addition to is complementary resources, also comes with business lines that are not consistent with WPUR’s current business direction.  Management has not yet decided on the disposition of the non-core components of the acquisition.

WPUR has established a partnership with Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: ALYI) in conjunction with ALYI’s EV Ecosystem initiative. The off grid, clean electric energy production, storage and charging solution for electric vehicles pilot project is being pursued in partnership with ALYI’s EV Ecosystem.  WPUR is also partnering with ALYI in the development of the solar farm with regard to the farm powering a sustainable event and resort facility.  The event and resort facility is part of ALYI’s plans with Formula E, another component of ALYI’s EV Ecosystem.

ALYI’s dedicated cryptocurrency funding partner, Revolt Token (RVLT) is also working with WPUR to help fund both WPUR’s work with ALYI.

To learn more about Revolt Token and how to participate in ALYI’s electric vehicle ecosystem through the purchase of Revolt Tokens, visit https://rvlttoken.com/.

ALYI’s CEO, Dr. Randell Torno, has joined WPUR’s board of directors and ALYI President, Ed Bollen is working on a transition into the role as WPUR’s new CEO.

To learn more, visit https://www.wpurinc.com/.

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