Telenor Partners With AWS to Modernize its Telecoms Systems

Norway based telecommunications company Telenor ASA (OTCMKTS: TELNY) has entered into a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to speed up modernization of its telecoms systems which will boost the use of cloud technology to offer 5G and low-latency data services to professional clients.

Telenor’s chief executive officer, Sigve Brekke, says according to this partnership, Telenor will develop product offering for selected industries including logistics, manufacturing, and automotive.

The CEO termed this transformation as a major shift for the company further adding that they are preparing themselves for the next growth wave.

A key selling point for customers ranging from manufacturing to hospitals is the low latency that edge technology, enabled by cloud computing, brings to 5G services,” said the CEO.

Both companies have already provided clients with solutions including a prototype private 5G network for the Norwegian defense forces’ material agency and private networks for corporate clients.

In this phase, nobody is big enough on its own and nobody has it all. Amazon is strong on network components, while the Google Cloud collaboration was more focused on products and analytics,” added Brekke.

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