Preya Co Investor Relations and Corporate Advisory Takes the Investment World by Storm Across Multiple Sectors


New York, New York, Jan. 21, 2022 — McapMediaWire —  Preya Co (, a boutique investor relations firm based out of New York, has quickly evolved into the go to source for all things corporate communication, investor relations and corporate advising.

Ms. Preya Narain, a young entrepreneur born and raised in New York City, decided to take her years of knowledge and experience as a full time daytrader in the public markets to the corporate side of the market in assisting issuers with maintaining communication and making impactful internal changes that grow shareholder value.

Her immersion into the world of daytrading and investments has equipped Preya with unique insight into what shareholders expect in terms of corporate communication from issuers, among other skillsets. Working alongside several prominent SEC attorneys, news distributors, researchers, and financial officers has enabled her to adjust the corporate structure of a company so that it would work to its maximum capabilities for growth and overall resonance with investors.

Preya Narain has been praised by highly effective leaders in the space, including staffing entrepreneur Allan Hartley, who states, “I have found her work to be high quality and very professional. She is always ready to pitch in and help in whatever is needed for us to succeed.”

Hartley has notably held leadership roles of major public staffing companies and has taken three staffing companies public, on the OTC, Nasdaq and the TSX markets.

Dr. Jacob VanLandingham, echoes this praise: “Preya is such a leader in her field. She is kind and transparent and has a can-do attitude. Her company has created quite the buzz around our product and, as we meet future milestones, I am certain she will position us in the best way possible. I can’t say enough about her creative mind and communication skills. She has been an A+ asset since joining our team. “

VanLandingham is the Executive VP of Drug Development, Odyssey Group International and developed the drug PRV-002, which is focused on the treatment of concussions. PRV-002 and its intranasal device would allow for immediate delivery and treatment and has been publicly supported by sports figures such as Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, Mark Rypien and Abby Wambach.

From giving a company a facelift in terms of logo and website, to eloquently drafting press releases with intriguing factual content, to finding innovative ways to tell a company’s story and rebuilding corporate structures, Preya Co has managed to transform management teams and elevate public companies to the next level.

“My work spans across a wide variety of sectors and I consistently treat every company that I am engaged with, as my own. I quickly recognize the needs of shareholders and work with management teams to develop a well-oiled machine including accessibility transparency, and modernized approaches to social media. I love to add a personal touch that allows investors to feel like their voices are heard and they are a part of the growth and development of a business.”

She adds, “I take tremendous pride in the quality of work that I put out and the relationship that I build with each of my clients, so that their individual personalities and goals are evident in all corporate communications.”

She has been working to introduce Henry and Leah Butler, founders of one1Ninety5 Productions to the crypto and public markets. Leah Butler was instrumental in the casting of “Precious”, “Coming to America” and the hit Fox series “Empire”. Henry “Blaq” Butler Butler is a co-founder of How Can I Be Down Music Conference, and an executive at Loud Records where he’s worked with the biggest artists in hip-hop, like Wu-Tang Clan, Xzibit, Big Pun, Skeelo, and Teddy Riley.

“We have developed such an amazing relationship with Preya, where she has always found the time to walk us through all of the working aspects of the financial markets. With her guidance and friendship, we are gaining remarkable insight and experience in how best to potentially position our company in the public and crypto world,” said the Butlers.

Most recently, Ms. Narain has dipped her toes into the blockchain space, seeking to take her knowledge and experience to well vetted crypto companies seeking growth, synergy and transformation in their investor communications.

As well, she serves as a strategic partner of Mcap Mediawire (, a full-service press release dissemination and financial disclosure firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Founder Mark Newbauer says, “Preya is a true gift to the public markets a whole.  From investor advocate to corporate advisor, and everything in between, her skillset is a must-have for publicly traded companies, as well as companies in emerging sectors such as crypto/blockchain looking to attract and properly serve their investor base.  She is sincere, professional, and extremely effective in all she does.”

Preya Co is poised to expand the company’s reach this year, taking investor relations and advising to new sectors, increasing shareholder value across a variety of markets.

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