PJET Introduces Student Housing App As 1st Step In Building Global Online Marketplace


Dallas, Texas, Jan. 19, 2022 — McapMediaWire — Priority Aviation, Inc. (OTC Pink: PJET) (“PJET”) today published the company’s 2022 strategic overview presentation introducing the soon to be launched Student Housing By Owner (SHBO) Application (APP) and detailing the plan to evolve the SHBO APP into a Global Amazon-like Marketplace serving a multigenerational population. The overview is included in its entirety below:

Students – An Underserved, Fragmented Market Vital To Democracy And The Economy

The U.S. has over 5,000 colleges with more than 25,000 existing worldwide.  The estimated college student population in the U.S. is 21 million. There are more than 500 million college students worldwide.

Housing for students is in short supply with only an estimated 22% of students living on campus.

Rents have been steadily increasing, even through Covid, since 2017.

New student housing projects are dominated by a handful of large investment firms working at large brand name universities that are putting an estimated $16 billion a year into building new student housing.  Smaller colleges with names not as recognizable, which is the vast majority of colleges, remain underserved when it comes to student housing.

Student housing shortages are just the tip of the iceberg.  Important and critical services and supports for college students at most universities are in short supply. From housing to transportation to food and recreation, not to mention tutoring and other study support services.

College education is a vital component of upward mobility not just for individuals, but for lifting the economic welfare of entire communities in the U.S. and globally. As the global economy grows more complex requiring technological integration in almost every aspect of production and delivery, higher education becomes more important. Maintaining, and where necessary, raising the education level of at least a small percentage of every community is essential to the welfare of the entire community.

Historically underrepresented students are a vital population to improving democracy and reducing poverty in the U.S. and globally. When the entire student population is underserved, the shortages are even more detrimental to the success of low-income students, first generation students and minority students from different race, identity and ethnic populations.

In the U.S., college students are estimated to have over $376 billion in spending power. In 2020, students spent $39 billion on food alone. Annual student spending on clothes and accessories is estimated at $67 billion.  Universities themselves spend approximately $1 billion annually advertising to the university student demographic.

College student spending power, currently diffused chaotically into a fragmented marketplace, holds the key to the implementation of a better solution for serving the college student community.

PJET’s mission is to create an economically feasible solution redirecting college student spending power toward the local communities surrounding every college to better support the student body with access to higher quality resources that can improve the rate of successful graduations.

SHBO – Student Housing By Owner APP To Global Marketplace For 500 Million Students

PJET is executing on its mission to empower local communities surrounding colleges to support students by first introducing a Student Housing By Owner (SHBO) Application (APP) where the local community can list and rent available rooms, homes and apartments to students.

With student housing in critically short supply, SHBO, as essentially an Airbnb for student housing, is a logical starting point.

SHBO can grow rapidly as it creates economic opportunity for property owners around college campuses. The economic incentive for property owners can fuel rapid expansion.

SHBO is the point of entry into a relationship with college students where additional products and services to serve students can be introduced. Just like Amazon’s original point of entry was the sale of books, SHBO can grow to include a vast array of products and services catering to the student experience. SHBO can become a global marketplace for 500 million students worldwide.

Hands On Experience To Craft An Online Experience

PJET is building a brick-and-mortar component of its business to physically trial and prove parameters for its technology solutions. The company has reached terms to fund and build a student housing residential building in Texas that will support a small private university with an enrollment of approximately 1200 students. The property has already been acquired and designs are underway and expected imminently.

The brick-and-mortar initiative is designed to give PJET hands on experience pertinent to the introduction and evolution of its SHBO APP. At the same time, the brick-and-mortar initiative will enhance PJET’s revenue growth and balance sheet.

The brick-and-mortar initiative is just the beginning of PJET’s commitment to establish hands on experience serving the student body. PJET will add additional hands on product and service offerings to better comprehend the student experience and, to in turn, evolve the SHBO APP.

For instance, PJET recently announced it will soon be introducing electric motorcycles and scooters produced by Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: ALYI) for use on university campuses.  PJET plans to start taking orders in the first quarter of 2022.  The company is launching a university campus roadshow first in Texas where it will bring its electric motorcycle and scooter models to campuses for demonstrations and to take orders.

ALYI recently featured its partnership with PJET in an ALYI 2022 Strategic Outlook Presentation.

SHBO Cradle To Cradle Value – 500 Million Students And Beyond

PJET’s SHBO APP is not just a point of entry into the student experience providing access to all student spending through a global Amazon-like marketplace by first helping with housing.  SHBO is the point of entry into a lifelong relationship with young adult students providing valuable products and services.  Think about the student credit unions that retain students as members after graduation providing car loans and mortgages.

The SHBO relationship has the potential to be multigenerational with the relationship being passed on to children. Consider how military veterans pass on their USAA benefits to non-veteran children.

The marketplace hasn’t yet recognized the long-term potential of PJET’s SHBO APP.  As the company reaches upcoming milestones starting with the launch of the SHBO APP, the value of the near, long-term and multigenerational relationships will become more apparent.

Visit the company’s new website periodically to look for the latest updates

Company Website – www.pjet-info.com

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