Smart Guns Set to Make a Debut in the United States

Smart guns are expected to make a debut in the U.S following questions about their reliability and concerns which will come with them coupled with new government regulations for about 20 years. The personalized smart guns are only able to be fired by verified users.

Less than a week ago, firearms during a meeting with its shareholders and investors manufacturer LodeStar Works unveiled its 9mm smart handgun the meeting was held in Boise, Idaho.

Firearms company making next generation technology for law abiding citizens and law enforcement agencies SmartGunz LLC says that relevant law enforcement agencies are beta testing its product a similar smart gun to that of LodeStar but a simpler one.

The co-founder of LodeStar, Gareth Glaser, claims he was inspired after hearing numerous stories about children shot while playing with an unattended gun.

Smart guns have the ability of pretending such unfortunate tragedies by using technology to authenticate a user’s identity and disable the gun should anyone else try to fire it. Additionally, they could also reduce suicide cases, render stolen guns useless and provide safety for police officers who are always on the risk of gun grubs.

We finally feel like we’re at the point where let’s go public. We’re there,” said Glaser.

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