Walmart Hiring 3,000 U.S Drivers to Expand Home Delivery Services

United States based retail company operating hypermarkets, discount stores and grocery stores Walmart Inc. (WMT) is set to hire more than 3,000 drivers in the United States so as to expand its home delivery services across the country.

In addition, the company said it will be establishing a fleet of all-electric delivery vans to boost its in-home delivery services. This will go down as its latest investment in its last-mile fulfillment network.

Currently, the company has around 100 drivers however, it expects to be in a position it can reach 30 million homes by the end of the year. As of now the company only reaches 6 million homes.

Walmart launched the in-home delivery service back in 2019 via which workers deliver groceries directly to the home of the shoppers or even sometimes if the people aren’t in the house, they place the items in kitchens or garage refrigerators.

In cases when the shoppers aren’t in their homes, the drivers use a one-time access code to unlock the clients’ doors or garages through an app that pairs with a ‘smart’ entry lock.

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