Apple Has Closed New York City Stores Following Spike in COVID-19 Infections

IPhone manufacturer Apple Inc. (AAPL) has temporarily closed all its 12 stores in New York City to indoor shopping due to the recent rapid rise of COVID-19 new infections especially with the Omicron variant which has been on the rise all across the world.

The company made this announcement on December 28 further adding that going forward, customers will only be able to pick online orders at the stores.

We regularly monitor conditions and we will adjust both our health measures and store services to support the wellbeing of customers and employees,” said the company.

Not long ago, the company announced temporary closure of some of its stores in the U.S and Canada for the same reason and exposure among its employees who work in the stores. The company further issued new directives making it mandatory for its employees and customers to put on masks when at its U.S stores.

With emergence of the Omicron variant, companies in the U.S have been forced to take a step back concerning measures and protocols they have put in place to combat the pandemic since many had relaxed their measures after the pandemic had started slowing down.

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