Twitter Fined $40,920 by Russia for Failing to Delete Banned Content

Widely used social media platform Twitter Inc. (TWRT) has been slapped with a fine of $40,920 by a Moscow court for failing to delete content from its platform which the government of Russia terms illegal.

Since the year began, Russia has been cracking the whip on foreign technology company operating in the country. Since Russia began putting pressure on the companies, several big tech companies have found themselves victims of heavy fines and penalties.

In its response to the matter Russian authorities says that its aim is to have a tighter control of over the internet in the country a move which the government critics say threatens to strangle individual and corporate freedom.

Moscow’s Tagansky District Court said Twitter has been fined $40,920 (3 million roubles) for failing to delete banned content on its platform.

On the other side, Twitter denied any wrongdoing or promotion of banned content or behavior across its platform.

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