Paris Ride-Hailing Firm Suspends Use of Tesla Cars Following Fatal Accident

A Paris based ride-hailing company G7 has suspended use of Tesla Inc.’s (TSLA) Model 3 vehicles in its fleet following a fatal accident which involved one of Tesla’s vehicle during the past weekend.

The company’s deputy chief executive, Yann Ricordel, said an off-duty taxi driver was taking his family to a restaurant when the accident happened on the evening of December 11. Sources have since revealed that the fatal accident left one person dead and 20 others wounded.

A source involved with investigation on the accident disclosed that three people were seriously injured and are currently fighting for their lives. Citing information from the French media, the car hit a cyclist then crushed into a van leaving seven people seriously injured.

G7 further added that it would be suspending using the 37 Tesla Model 3 cars in its fleet until the police and all necessary authorities complete investigations and reach the root cause of this unfortunate event.

Today, we have two divergent views on the subject. We will maintain the suspension of the Tesla Model 3 while the investigation is ongoing, as a safety measure for our drivers, customers and other road users,” added Ricordel.

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