Google to Ban Political Ads in Philippine Come Presidential Election Time

Leading search engine Google has said that it will be banning political advertisements from its platform in Philippine during the electioneering period next year when the country will be voting for a new President.

Come May next year, Philippine will be going to the ballot to choose a new leader, it’s at this time that Google says it will ban political ads in the country. Since the hotly contested U.S Presidential elections last year, social media platforms have been under pressure to come up with measures when it comes to election times to avoid misinformation and insightful information across their platforms.

Election advertisements that promote or oppose any political party or the candidacy of any person or party for public office, would not be allowed to run between Feb. 8 to May 9, 2022,” said Google.

Additionally, Google said it would be sending notifications to affected advertisers about the update. The above dates cover the entire campaigning period in the country up to the election day slated on May 9.

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