Nvidia Launches New Car Products Including a Virtue Driving Assistance

United States based designer and manufacturer of graphics processing units and chip units for mobile computing and the automotive industry Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) has launched new technology products including a virtue driving assistant which can park a standard car and ramp up training of autonomous cars.

The company says the latest products come as its wider efforts of expanding its coverage in the global automotive industry and also as part of its fall new product event linked to its ‘Omniverse’ simulation technology.

The company’s chief executive officer, Jensen Huang, says the company will begin offering automakers a system dubbed Drive Concierge which will be using the company’s hardware and artificial intelligence software to offer a variety of services among them a self-driving function which allows a human-driven car to park itself.

Another product introduced is a strategy system named ‘Omniverse Replicator’ which will help speeding up and simplifying the tasks required to create a virtue world for training automated cars.

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