German Labor Union Movement Lobbying for Strikes at 7 Amazon Sites in Germany

Verdi, a German labor union movement is calling for employees working in seven Amazon Inc. (AMZN) sites in the country to go on strike following a pay dispute with the leading online retailer. Verdi is calling for the workers to go on strike for the first two days of the month.

The strikes are planned to start on Monday at some of the distribution centers and will initially last through Tuesday,” said a spokesperson of the labor movement.

In response to this developing matter, Amazon said that it pays all its employees in the said sites excellent salaries, benefits and career opportunities.

No-one here earns less than 12 euros ($13.87) gross per hour plus extras,” added the e-commerce giant.

The labor union failed to give exact numbers to what it wants the company to pay the workers, it however demanded the online retailer to increase its pay to come in line with agreements the union signed with the wider retail and mail order industries in the country.

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