GameStop’s COO Resigns Barely 7 Months After Assuming the Office

Jenna Owens, the chief operating officer at video game developer and consumer electronics manufacturer GameStop Corp. (GME) has left the company barely 7 months after the company poached her from leading online retailer Amazon Inc. (AMZN).

Owens joined GameStop back in March and her departure goes down as the first of a top executive at GameStop under the leadership current chief executive officer, Matt Furlong, who took office about four months ago.

According to the company, Owens left departed after reaching a mutual agreement with GameStop, the company failed to give any reasons as to why she left however according to a regulatory filing, GameStop indicates it reached a separation agreement which is normally negotiated in a scenario where company’s executives do not see eye-to-eye.

In the beginning of the year, the company also used separation agreements when it parted ways with former chief executive George Sherman and also former chief financial officer, Jim Bell.

The regulatory filing further shows that Owens is entitled to multiple severance packages and her duties will be taken over by other top executives at the company before GameStop finds the suitable candidate to replace Owens.

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