Apple Employee Claims to Have Been Dismissed After Leading Movement Against Harassment

Janneke Parrish, a female worker from leading tech giant Apple Inc. (AAPL) is accusing the IPhone manufacturer of having fired her after she led a movement against harassment and discrimination at the company.

Parrish is a program manager in Apple and she made this revelation late last week revealing that she was dismissed for deleting material on company equipment while she was under investigation over leaking of Apple’s town hall to the media.

Parrish confirms that she deleted apps which contained details of her finances and other personal information before handing her devices over to Apple as a part of the investigations for the ongoing case. Parrish maintains that she firmly believes that her dismissal is linked to her activism role in the company.

To me, this seems clearly retaliatory for the fact that I was speaking out about abuses that have happened at my employer, pay equity and, generally, about our workplace conditions,” said Parrish.

When reached to give its side of story, Apple said that it doesn’t discuss matters touching on its specific employees publicly further reaffirming that it’s deeply committed to creating and maintain a positive and inclusive workplace as it takes all concerns from employees seriously.

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