Nvidia Offering EU Concessions in Efforts to Secure Regulatory Approval Over Arm Acquisition Deal

United States based giant technology company involved in designing graphics processing units for gaming and chip units for mobile computing NVidia Corp (NVDA) is offering concessions in efforts to get its bid to acquire UK based chip designer Arm approved by the European Union (EU) regulator.

Nvidia made public its intention to buy Arm last year and since then, it has raised eyebrows across the chip manufacturing industry the bone of contention being whether Arm will remain as a neutral player licensing intellectual property to customers and rivals.

This deal is subject to various regulatory approvals, some players have been calling on the EU competition regulator to prevent it from going through. The regulator set October 27 as the deadline for its decision on the matter.

Nonetheless, the competition regulator failed to give details of the concessions in line with its policy. The regulator is collecting feedback from Nvidia’s rivals and clients before deciding if to accept the concessions, demand more or even request for a longer investigation time.

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