Google to Cut Down Charges on Sales From its Cloud Marketplace

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) the parent company of leading search engine Google announced that it will be cutting down the amount it charges customers who purchase software from other vendors on its cloud marketplace.

According to a report released by the company, Google is cutting down its percentage revenue share from 20% down to 3% for software bought from other vendors on its cloud market place. This announcement was first reported on CNBC News.

Our goal is to provide partners with the best platform and most competitive incentives in the industry. We can confirm that a change to our Marketplace fee structure is in the works and we’ll have more to share on this soon,” said the company.

Not long ago, Google took a similar move after it announced trimming the service fee it charges developers on its app store by 50% on the first $1 million the company earns in revenue annually.

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