Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou Finally Leaves Canada to China

The chief financial officer of Chinese technology company Huawei Technologies, Meng Wanzhou, left Canada to China for the first time since 2018 when she was put under house arrest following allegations from United States that she gave misleading information concerning the operations of Huawei in Iran.

This happened after the United States prosecutors reached an agreement with Meng’s lawyers to bring to an end the bank fraud case leveled against the CFO. This development is expected to easen build up tensions between the United States and China.

Two hours after the deal had been signed, two Canadians arrested in china following Meng’s arrest were also released from Chinese jails and boarded planes back to Canada. The government of China had earlier denied involvement to their arrests.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau confirmed that the two Canadians had left Chinese airspace and would be landing home after 1,020 days of arrest in China.

I want to thank our allies and partners around the world in the international community who have stood steadfast in solidarity with Canada and with these two Canadians,” said Trudeau.

The acting U.S attorney general in Brooklyn, Nicole Boeckmann, said by signing the agreement, Meng has taken personal responsibility for her principal role in perpetrating a scheme to defraud a global financial institution.

The agreement identifies Meng and the Unites States Justice Department as the only parties on the agreement. It further says its preparing for trials against Huawei and it’s looking forward to prove its case in a court.


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