Facebook Asked to Give Details on its Smart Glasses Initiative by Italian Regulator

Leading social media company Facebook Inc. (FB) has been asked by the Italian regulator, Garante, to give clarity concerning its newly launched smart glasses initiative so that the regulator can establish if the product is compliant with privacy laws.

Facebook created the smart glasses in partnership with France based designer, manufacturers and distributor of ophthalmic lenses, frames and sunglasses EssilorLuxottica Corp. (PA: ESLX).

The smart glasses enables the wearer to listen to music, capture photos, take short videos and share them across Facebook’s social platform using a companion app. Additionally, the glasses also allows the wearer to make calls.

The regulator says it has reached the Irish data protection commissioner which plays oversight of Facebook’s operations in Europe to ask Facebook for more details and clarifications.

Gerante claims that it wants to be provided with information on measures the social media company has put in place to protect identity of people occasionally filmed more specifically children.

The watchdog also wants to be informed on system adopted by Facebook to make data collected anonymous and features of the voice assistant connected to the glasses.

In response to the matter, Facebook said it will answer questions by the Italian regulator through the Irish DPC further saying they look forward to their continued collaboration with regulators in Europe.

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