Epic Games Appeal in Apple Court Case Concerning Fortnite Video Game

The creator of famous video game ‘Fortnite’, Epic Games has appealed a court ruling made on its antitrust case against giant tech company Apple Inc. (AAPL). This ruling was made by a federal judge last week on Friday.

According to the judge, Apple will have to loosen some measures on developers, nonetheless, the ruling favored Apple on many counts among them including, allowing Apple to continue its ban on third party in-app payment systems.

The ruling further allowed Apple to continue charging commissions ranging from 15% to 30% for its own in-app payment system for applications in its app store.

Experts and players in the sector have come out giving their view on the ruling, a good number of them are terming the ruling as a mixed decision whose impact will majorly depend on how Apple decides to implement the ruling by the federal judge.

Competitors and critics of Apple have expressed the possibility of seeking help from lawmakers if courts prove to be a stumbling block to the changes they are seeking.

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