Roku Set to Launch Streaming Players in Germany

Manufacturer of digital media players offering access to streaming media content Roku Inc. (ROKU) announced that it will be launching streaming players in Germany before the year wraps up.

This will come as the second-largest European roll out of such services by the company since the pandemic set foot. Since the pandemic began, there has been a shift to more online activities like video-conferencing, online orders and streaming services also went up significantly.

There is a very big secular shift to streaming, that’s a trend that was accelerated last year by the pandemic,” said Roku’s head of international expansion, Arthur Van Rest.

According to Van Rest, people are no longer interested in watching scheduled programs instead they want to watch what they want at their preferred time hence the paradigm shift which Roku is seeking to fully capitalize on.

Roku will be offering content in partnership local content providers including; RTL Deutschland, One Entertainment Group and Sky Deutschland. Roku will also partner with multinationals content platforms like Walt Disney Co. (DIS) owned Disney +, Netflix Inc. (NFLX) and Amazon Prime.

Roku’s German affiliate will be competing with other industry peers in the country like Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.


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