Amazon to Start Removing Inappropriate Content Violating Rules From Cloud Service

Giant e-commerce company which also engages on cloud-computing, artificial intelligence and digital streaming Amazon Inc. (AMZN) says that it will be taking more proactive measures to determine what type of content violates its cloud service policies.

The United States based multinational company says it will be removing content which goes against its measures such like content which promotes violence.

This move will indeed awaken the debate on how much power should big tech companies possess in efforts to restricting free speech.

Insider sources have revealed that in the near future, the company will hire a small group of individuals in its Amazon Web Services (AWS) unit to develop framework and work with researchers outside the company to monitor for future threats.

Citing data from research firm Gartner, Amazon Web Services is a market leader in the cloud computing sector with a 40% market share, the company could easily become one of the most powerful arbiters of content across the world.

Several hours after the story started doing rounds across social network platform, a spokesperson from AWS came to to clear the rumors as wrong and misinformed.

AWS trust and safety has no plans to change its policies or processes, and the team has always existed,” said the spokesperson.

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