Apple Slapped With an Antitrust Lawsuit in India Over its In-App Purchase System

U.S based technology company dealing in online services, consumer electronics and computer software Apple Inc. (AAPL) has been slapped with an antitrust case in India over allegedly abusing its dominance in the apps market by forcing developers to use its proprietary in-app purchase system.

These allegations are similar to ones made by the European Union last year against the tech giant in which it was accused by the union of imposing an in-app fee of 30% for distribution of paid digital content and other restrictions.

This Indian lawsuit has been filed by a non-profit making group which argues that the 30% fee charged by Apple hurts competition since it increases costs for app developers and customers while at the same time acting as a barrier to market entry.

The existence of the 30% commission means that some app developers will never make it to the market. This could also result in consumer harm,” read the filing.

Unlike other filings in Indian courts, details and filings of cases reviewed by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) are not made public. However, a source involved in the matter disclosed that the CCI will conduct an intense scrutiny on the matter and make the appropriate decision depending on its findings.

There are high chances that an investigation can be ordered, also because the EU has been probing this,” said the source.

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