10 Alibaba Employees Fired for Leaking Sexual Assault Accusations

Chinese giant company specializing on e-commerce, internet, technology and retail Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (BABA) has sacked 10 of its employees who leaked sexual assault accusations. The employees shared screenshots of the account of a female colleague who got sexually assaulted by a former boss.

The employees were sharing screenshots of posts made by the lady in the public domain after removing watermarks showing their IDs. Alibaba sacked the employees for violating its policies against exposing content from its employee forums.

In addition, three other employees have been reprimanded for making inappropriate comments in public forum. The company resulted to firing the 10 employees after concluding an internal investigation.

Alibaba has not yet announced the final results of the investigation to the public, but it’s expected that anytime soon results of the probe will be shared to the entire public.

The company has since fired the manager involved in the sexual assault case, however, this happened after the victim came out to the public about the unfortunate ordeal.

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