Facebook Contemplating Forming an Election Commission

Leading social network company Facebook Inc. (FB) is considering establishing an election commission to advice the company on matters related to global elections. Sources directly linked to the matter disclosed that the company has already reached out to policy and academics experts on the matter.

The proposed commission will be mandated with deciding on matters pertaining political ads and their visibility and concern linked to election related matters.

According to a post published on New York Times, Facebook could make a formal announcement on the matter before the year is over so as to make preparations for the 2022 United States midterm elections.

The sources further cautioned that talks on the matter are still on the initial stage hence it’s still very much possible that the plan could fall apart.

If all goes as planned, this won’t be the first time Facebook will be forming external bodies to help it come up with major decisions.

Back in 2018, Facebook came up with the Oversight Board, a panel including academics, policy experts and politicians who were tasked in establishing if the company is right to remove certain content from its platform.

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