Blackberry’s Software Flaw Could Possibly Affect U.S Agencies

United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructures Security Agency (CISA) says that a software flaw in the systems of Canadian cyber security company Blackberry Ltd (BB) could possibly affect medical equipment, cars and U.S agencies.

This comes after Blackberry revealed that it’s QNX Real Time Operating System (QNX RTOS) is flawed and could allow an attacker to carry out an arbitrary code or flood a server with traffic until it crashes or gets paralyzed.

The software in questing is used by auto manufacturers including Ford Motors (F) Volkswagen (VOWG) and BMW (BMWG) in multiple critical areas including the advanced driver assistance system.

Blackberry clarified that the issue doesn’t affect recently released versions of the software but rather versions dating from 2012 and earlier further adding that no customer yet has reported having been affected by the matter.

The CISA says this software is used in a wide range of products and if compromised could result to a malicious actor gaining control of highly sensitive systems, increasing risk to the Nation’s critical functions.

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