India Set to Unveil $1.35 Trillion National Infrastructure Plan

Anytime soon, India will unveil a $1.35 Trillion (100 trillion rupees) national infrastructure plan which is aimed at helping to generate jobs and expand the use of cleaner fuels to achieve the country’s climate goals. This information was revealed by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to the prime minister, this infrastructure plan dubbed ‘Gati Shakti’ will help increase productivity of industries and boost the economy. Modi failed to details about the infrastructure plans but said the initiative will help local manufacturers compete globally and create new avenues of future economic growth.

We will launch a master plan for Gati Shakti, a big programme it will create job opportunities for hundreds of thousands,” said the prime minister.

Additionally, Modi also set a target for India becoming energy independent by 2047 he claims this foot can be achieved through a combination of electric mobility, shifting from a gas-based economy to further making India a hub for production of hydrogen.

The prime minister noted that the country spends over 12 trillion rupees each year on energy imports hence becoming energy independent is very critical for the country.

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