Tesla Sold 32,968 Chinese Made Vehicles in July

Leading electric-vehicle manufacturing company Tesla Inc. (TSLA) sold a total of 32,968 Chinese made vehicles last month. This data was revealed by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

According to CPPA, 24, 347 of the cars were exported from China, the remaining 8, 621 is what the company sold in the local Chinese market. This number was 69% lower compared to the 28,138 cars Tesla sold in China in June.

Citing data from the company, Tesla has a tendency of recording decreased sales in the first month of each quarter which is usually lower compared to the other two months in the quarter.

Back in July, the company unveiled a cheaper version of Model Y in China, Tesla also lowered the price of Model 3 in the country.

In recent times, Tesla has been facing intense scrutiny in China both from market regulators and the general public. Local competitors too have been posing stiff competition to the company.

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