Secretary to New York Governor Cuomo Resigns Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

Melissa DeRosa, secretary to New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has stepped down from her position following increasing sexual harassment cases linked to the New York Governor. This resignation comes at a time when the state attorney general released a report suggesting the Governor Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women.

The secretary has been mentioned on the report multiple times, in one occasion, it’s said that she tried to cover up actions of the governor by retaliating against one of his accusers. In total her name appears 187 times in the 168-page report which was released last week.

The report established that governor Cuomo kissed, grouped and made suggestive comments to the 11 women in violation of the law. The report recommends local prosecutors to open a criminal probe into the matter.

Personally, the past 2 years have been emotionally and mentally trying. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such talented colleagues on behalf of our state,” said DeRosa.

Since the report came out, there have been widespread calls for the governor to resign or at least step down as investigations into the matter are being conducted. Nonetheless, the governor faces a possible impeachment by state legislators.

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