Alibaba Suspends Several Employees Mentioned in a Sexual Assault Allegation

Giant Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (BABA) has suspended a number of its employees who got mentioned in a sexual assault allegation involving a female employee of the company who claims to have been sexually assaulted by her boss and a client.

Details of the ordeal were first published on an 11 paged pdf document which was making rounds across Chinese social media platform Weibo.

Alibaba Group has a zero tolerance policy against sexual misconduct, and ensuring a safe workplace for all our employees is Alibaba’s top priority. We have suspended relevant parties suspected of violating our policies and values, and have established a special internal task force to investigate the issue and support the ongoing police investigation,” said Alibaba.

According to the pdf, the lady involved says this unfortunate event happened while she was on a business trip with her boss after the boss persuaded her to accompany him on the trip in which she would go meet one of her clients in the city of Jinan which is about 560 miles from Alibaba’s headquarters in Hangzhou.

This ordeal happened on July 27, the lady goes ahead and says that the client kissed her on the evening of the said date. Following some rounds of alcohol consumption, the lady lost conscious only to wake up the following day in a hotel room naked and without memories of what happened the previous evening.

According to CCTV footages the lady obtained from the hotel, his boss entered the room four times that evening which the lady lost conscious.

After returning to the headquarters, the lady reported the matter to the human resource officer and upper management on August 2. She sought for the boss to be sacked, the human resource agreed to her plea. However, later on the office failed to make a follow up on the matter.

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