United States Approves Howitzers Sale to Taiwan

The United States’ State Department has approved a potential sale of short guns for firing shells on high trajectories at low velocities know as howitzers to Taiwan. On Aug 4, Pentagon said the State Department approved a potential sale of 40 155mm M109A6 Medium Self-Propelled Howitzer artillery systems to Taiwan in a deal worth $750 million.

Since taking ascending into power, the administration of President Biden has been approving direct commercial sales of arms to Taiwan.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency of the Pentagon informed Congress of this potential sale on Aug 4.

The package would include the howitzers, 1,698 precision guidance kits for munitions, spares, training, ground stations and upgrades for Taiwan’s previous generation of howitzers,” said Pentagon.

On the receiving end, the defense ministry in Taiwan expressed how thankful it was to the government of United States adding that this sale will help them ground forces and increase their capacity for speedy reaction and fire support.

The ministry further termed the continued arms supply by U.S as a basis for maintaining regional stability.

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