Incoming Iran President Pledges to Try Bringing U.S Sanctions to an End

The incoming President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi, has pledged to take steps towards lifting of the ‘tyrannical sanctions’ imposed by the United States on Iran. Raisi made these sentiments after winning the formal endorsement of Iran’s supreme leader.

The incoming Iran President is set to ascend into office later in the week. Raisi is under personal United States sanctions due to allegations of human rights abuses dating way back to when he was a judge.

Raisi has promised to improve the living conditions of Iranians which have been on a downward spiral since 2018, when United States reimposed sanctions on the country following fallout between the two countries fell out after Iran pulled out of the nuclear deal.

We will seek to lift the tyrannical sanctions imposed by America,” said Raisi who got elected two about two months ago to replace outgoing Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.

This is the first time Raisi is talking about matters touching on United States sanctions since he won the election in June.

Raisi is expected to be sworn into office on July 5, 2021. Thereafter, he will have one week to present his cabinet members to parliament which will scrutinize the names and make a vote of confidence.

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