Flipkart Argues it Shouldn’t be Treated the Same as Amazon by India’s Authorities

Walmart Inc. (WMT) owned India based online retailer Flipkart claims that it should not be subjected under the same treatment like United States based e-commerce giant Amazon Inc. (AMZN) which they both operate in the Indian market.

India’s antitrust regulator, Competition Commission of India (CCI) has been on the neck of the two e-commerce company accusing them of using their huge capital masculine to edge out small online retailers in India.

In a court filing made by Flipkart, the company argues that the two leading e-commerce companies are quantitatively different and therefore they deserve to be given different treatments.

Both companies have been challenging the antitrust regulator and seeking a revocation to a order issued by an Indian court last month directing the regulator to continue with probe against the two companies.

Flipkart is urging the court to stop confusing the facts between companies and also that is overlooked that the two companies are fierce competitors.

The allegations and the evidence before the CCI against the Appellant were qualitatively different from those relating to Amazon. The CCI should have independently examined the case against each of the two platforms,” says Flipkart.

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