Twitter Loses Immunity Against User Generated Content in India

Widely used social network Twitter Inc. (TWTR) has lost immunity over user generated content in India after the Indian government said the company has failed to comply with the new information technology laws in the country.

According to the court filing, Twitter no longer enjoy liability protection against user generated content in the country. This is the first statement officially released by the India’s government announcing Twitter losing this immunity following months of back and forth with leading social media companies in the country.

The IT ministry in India told the country’s high court that the non-compliance by Twitter amounted to breaching provisions of the IT Act which resulted to the social network company losing its immunity.

These new IT laws came into effect at the end of May and they are aimed at regulating the content across social media platforms and subject the social media companies accountable for spread of inappropriate content further they should share details of the originators of the contents upon government request.

This filing came after a Twitter user filed a case complaining about allegedly defamatory tweets which were doing rounds across the social media platform accusing the company of failing to company with the new laws.

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