Kayesa CEO Says Latest Ransomware Attack Affected Up To 1,500 Businesses

The chief executive officer of Keyasa, Fred Voccola says that around 800 to 1,500 business entities have been affected by the latest ransomware attack which was carried out at the end of last week.

Keyasa is a Flodida based IT software management company which was greatly affected by the ransomware attack after its client access to the platform was breached setting off a chain reaction which paralyzed hundreds of the company’s computers.

The CEO said they have not estimated the actual numbers of computers affected by the attack because majority of the people affected by the hack were its employees.

This ransomware attack is being linked to Russia affiliated hacking group REvil which is becoming notorious with such high profile cybercrime activities.

On July 4, the suspected hacking group demanded for a $70 million ransom inform of Bitcoin so as to restore the services.

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