President Biden Orders Investigations Into Latest Ransomware Attack

United States President Joe Biden has ordered the country’s intelligence agencies to probe into a latest ransomware attack which affected various U.S business entities. The intelligence have been mandated to find the perpetrators of this unfortunate event.

Some American agencies have come out pointing fingers at Russia alleging the attack was carried out by a Russia-linked ransomware gang dubbed REvil. U.S based cyber security company Huntress Labs says that it believes REvil is behind the latest attack.

The President gave this directive during a visit to Michigan to promote his vaccination program in which he was about the latest ransomware attack.

We’re not certain. The initial thinking was it was not the Russian government but we’re not sure yet,” said Biden.

The President said he had already ordered intelligence agencies to look into the matter and if it turns out that Russia was responsible for this ransomware attack then United States will respond.

On June 16, Russia’s President Vladamir Putni met with President Biden in Geneva. Biden says he urged Putin to crack the whip on cyber hackers who operate from Russia and cautioned of consequences if such attacks continue to target America.

If it is either with the knowledge of and/or a consequence of Russia then I told Putin we will respond,” added Biden.

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