Mexico’s President to Respect Court Order Directing Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

The President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez, has pledged to abide by a court order directing the government and legislators to legalize recreational use of Marijuana in the country. The President however said, he has opened a door for a public referendum on the matter.

Earlier in the week, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalization of recreational use of marijuana in the country leaving the last step to the Mexican Senate to pass the marijuana legalization bill.

Back in March, the Lower House of Congress passed the bill and since then it has been a push and pull between various arms of the government regarding the matter finally ending in the court to have a court ruling on the matter.

The president made the pledge during a normal new conference after a reporter enquired for his decision regarding the ruling by the Supreme Court.

Of course we’re going to respect what the court has decided and we’re going to evaluate. We’re going to see what effects it has,” said the President.

He went further to acknowledge that there are two views regarding legalization of marijuana in the country. President Obrador said he is discussing the matter with his cabinet and his administration is contemplating on the best way forward on the matter hinting on a possible push for a public referendum.

If we see that it’s not working to address the serious problem of drug addiction, that it’s not working to stop violence, then we would act,” added the President.

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