Uber to Allow Employees Work up 50% of Their Time Remotely

Ride hailing and delivery company Uber Technologies Inc. (UBER) says that it will allow its employees work up to 50% of their work-time remotely. The company says this new work policy re-organization comes as part of its revamped return-to-office strategy.

This announcement comes as one of the most flexible policies by a Unites States technology company, the company says those working from the offices only need to spend half of their working hours there.

This information was disclosed by an insider source who clarified that unlike the policies of other companies, this does not mean that the workers will have to work from offices three days in a week rather, the workers can show up five days in a week and fail to show up in the offices the next week.

This plan will override an earlier policy announced to take effect from April to September in which employees were expected to come into office three days in a week.

The source said that when working remotely, employees are encouraged to try work away from their regular homes for four weeks in a year. In a press release Uber said that it will start allowing its workers work full-time remotely.

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