Tesla Opens First Charging Station in China

Leading electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc. (TSLA) has officially opened its first charging station in China which is also equipped with own solar and energy storage facilities.

The company said this charging station is located in Lhasa city and it will be generating energy from sunlight and storing it in energy storage facilities for electric vehicles to charge.

Tesla made a shift to solar energy in 2016 after it acquired California based SolarCity in a transaction worth $2.6 billion. Ever since finalizing the deal, Tesla has been keen on developing its solar energy business.

Tesla’s solar services include; a power generating system manufactured to look like normal roof tiles, solar roof and a Powerwall which stores the power generated by the solar panels.

The company has a gigafactory in Shanghai china, towards the end of last year, Tesla put up job advertisements looking for solar and energy storage project managers in China.

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