German Union Lobbying Amazon Employees to Strike on Prime Day

Verdi, a German trade union is lobbying workers of multinational e-commerce giant Amazon Inc. (AMZN) in the country to go on strike for several days in line with the global Prime Day promotion.

Currently, Amazon has seven warehouses in German which in Europe’s largest economy.

The organization said that it’s organizing a three-day strike as part of a long-existing battle with the United States based company in Germany over better payment and working conditions for workers in the country.

The workers in the mail order centers have to cope with the rush of customers and don’t get a cent more for the additionally intensified workload,” said Verdi.

This is not the first time the organization is coming up with strikes against Amazon, the union has been organizing strikes against the e-commerce giant since 2013 advocating for better pay and better working conditions for the workers.

In response to this development, a spokesperson from Amazon said the company offers excellent pay plus other benefits to its employees across the entire world. The company further added that during the past calls for strikes 90% of its workers in logistics centers worked as normal.

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