A Seat on a Spaceship Ride With Jeff Bezos Auctions For $28 Million

A seat on a spaceship ride with world’s richest man Jeff Bezos was auctioned for a jaw dropping $28 million during a live auction which took place on June 12 bringing a close to a month long bidding process for the space ride scheduled for next month.

Bezos will be making this spaceship ride using a maiden voyage from American privately owned aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight service company Blue Origin LLC.

Four minutes after the auction phone auction was opened the bids had already reached the $20 million mark. The identity of the person who won the bid was not revealed immediately but it is presumed that the winner is an extremely-wealthy space aficionado.

Blue Origin will launch the New Shepard on July 20 from West Texas this will be a remarkable milestone for the United States companies striving to achieve a new era of private commercial space travel.

Jeff Bezos is the founder and chief executive officer of Blue Origin. Several prominent wealthy people in the world including Tesla Inc. (TSLA) owner Elon Musk and fellow billionaire Richard Branson also own space companies.

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