Walmart Says it Blocked Emails Containing Racial Insults From Being Sent Via its Domain

United Sates based retail corporation running a string of hypermarkets, grocery stores and discount department stores Walmart Inc. (WMT) says that it blocked some emails which contained racial slurs from being sent through the company’s domain.

This happened after a heated social media backlash which resulted to some twitter users posting screenshots bearing the company’s official address ‘’ which contained insults instead of their names.

Walmart responded on these damning claims saying that a ‘bad actor’ had created fake Walmart accounts using people real email addresses changing their first names to trick the automated reply system of the company.

We discovered that an external bad actor created false Walmart accounts with obvious intent to offend our customers,” said Walmart.

The company acknowledged not knowing the exact number of fake accounts created further adding there is no need to raise panic as no consumer data has been stolen since the systems were not hacked.

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