Huawei To Release New Smartphone Operating System in June

China based technology company Huawei Technology is gearing up to release a new smartphone operating system on June 2. This is set to be the biggest development by the company since its fallout with United States following spying allegations last year.

This new operating system for smartphones by Huawei is called Harmony OS. The company embarked on developing its OS after United States banned Huawei using its technologies back in 2019.

This meant that, Huawei could no longer use Google’s Android operating system in its smartphones. In addition, Huawei devices which already had Android OS stopped receiving Android updates.

Following Google ban, Huawei immediately made public its plan of developing and launching its own Operating System for its devices. Since then the company has postponed launch of the OS several times.

This clearly sends a message that Huawei is aiming at shifting its dependence on United States based technology. The company is also exploring ways in which it can develop its own chips to be used in its devices.

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