Ericsson Afraid of Losing 5G Market Share in China

Sweden based multinational networking and telecommunication company Ericsson (STO: ERIC) has expressed its worries that its 5G market share in China might be declining due to a disagreement over which Chinese vendors claim have been excluded from Sweden’s roll-out of ultra-fast networks.

The company says it has been invited and continues to getting invites to bid for ongoing tenders in China but the company is uncertain if it will win these tenders.

It is the company’s current assessment that the risk has increased that Ericsson will in those tenders be allocated a significantly lower market share than its current market share,” said Ericsson.

Last year in October, Sweden banned Chinese technology company Huawei technologies from undertaking projects in the country after the company was slapped with accusations of spying for Beijing which resulted to United States and its allies blocking the company from undertaking projects in their respective countries.

Sweden also banned Huawei, a development which put at risk Ericsson’s prospects in China.

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