Apple Generated Commissions of Over $100M From Fortnite Online Game

IPhone manufacture Apple Inc. (AAPL) received commissions of over $100 million from Epic Games‘ online video game ‘Fortnite’. The game was only available on App Store for two years.

This information was revealed by Apple’s head of game business development for the App Store, Michael Schmid during an antitrust trial in federal court in Oakland, California which has now entered its third week.

Apple dropped Fortnite game from App Store last year after Epic Games developed its own system for in-app purchases. Epic sued Apple accusing the tech giant for abusing its powers by forcing them to use Apple in-app payment technology which charges commissions of 15% to 30%.

On its side, Apple claims it requires developers to use its systems as a measure of enforcing security and privacy of its App Store. In addition, it says its commission rates are similar to those offered by other gaming platforms like Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) owned Xbox.

Schmid also revealed that Apple used about $1 million to market Fortnite game for a period of 11 months before the two parties fell out. Previously, Apple had disclosed that Epic Games earned $700 million from the iOS version of Fortnite game.

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