German Antitrust Watchdog Initiates Probe Against Amazon

The Antitrust Regulator in German, The Federal Cartel Office, has initiated an investigation against United States based technology and e-commerce company Amazon Inc. (AMZN) to establish if the company is exploiting its market dominance status in the country.

In a first step, we are looking at whether Amazon is of outstanding, cross-market importance for competition,” said the Germany’s antitrust regulator.

In a scenario where the regulator finds that such a marketing position is in existence, then it will come up with new rules for digital companies prohibiting any anti-competitive behavior at the initial stages.

Big tech companies have been under scrutiny by European countries for abusing their market dominance powers in their favor thereby leaving other small and medium companies in the market at a disadvantaged position.

Last week, Italy’s antitrust regulator fined Google a fine of $123 million after it was established that the tech company was guilty of abusing its market dominance powers in the country.

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